Flat, easy access, safe, greenery area
Visible sky zone for wondering moon and stars at clear nights
Bamboo house for relaxing, gathering and sharing
Separated apartments, but a caring family is available
One of many stunning sunset viewpoints
All year paradise beaches
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About us

We were blessed to meet three years ago nice small local family living in very convenient location near to the heart of the island; flat area down the highest mountain, and during the rain season it is never flood. There where this resort is manifested, and where we and the local family are living.

We seek for long-term stay customers to preserve such a harmony long relationships between us, the local family and our both current and new long stay customes; we are welling to help, to share and to accept you as part of this big lovely family we have here.

About apartments

Well equipped apartments with mosquitoes’ nets, convenient kitchen equipped with cooking tools, And clean tap water.

All terraces are garden view. 

Fresh drinking machine water from a well is available inside the resort.

Inside the resort you will enjoy salty “no chemicals” swimming pool.

About Kohphangan

Koh phangan is almost unspoilt tropical island and it is recorded as one of the few safest places in the world. Has no Corona case record, where you can live unrestricted, relaxed, enjoyable long vacation. 

Koh phangan will keep you busy in lots of activities and attractions mainly in  close relationship with its nature and beauty :

  • diving & snorkeling 
  • watersports
  • hiking 
  • Muay Thai
  • Archery
  • yoga centers 
  • learning Thai cooking 
  • temples
  • waterfalls
  • viewpoints
  • around 14 beaches

On the other hand it gives you great opportunity to slow down, back to basics and discover yourself.

Despit Koh phangan is a small tropical island, It has lots of cafes, restaurants conveniant to all food prefrences, and conveniant food stors; therefore you would not miss here what you had in the city.


We are not renting apartments for less than one month. All the prices are on a monthly basis. Electricity is not included in the price. We have separate electricity meters. Price for electricity is 5,5 baht per one unit. Approximately spending per month with full aircons working is for a small apartment 1.300,00 baht and for a big apartment is around 2.500,00 baht per month.

From one to three Month From three to six months More than six month
One bathroom
12.000,00 baht
10.000,00 baht
8.000,00 baht
Two bathrooms
17.000,00 baht
15.000,00 baht
13.000,00 baht

Boat trips Coming soon


Here we are delighted to share all the important links that you would need during your stay regarding to visas info, planing to come in and go around, And Thai news.

Where we are

About location:

-5 minutes walking distance to Family Mart store, and 3 deffirent local restaurants.

– 2 munites walking distance to Buddist temple.

– 10 minutest walking distance to both waterfall and a zoocafe.

– 10 minutes driving to the center.

– 15 to 20 minutest driving to all beaches.

For this hard uncertain changing world, I would like to share with you “peace is possible message” about unlocking each individual inner peace.


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